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Due to the large number of inquiries received, we have created this section to facilitate the dissemination of the information correctly and clarify the most frequent questions. We want to look to for help.

Does the Samurai was the enemy of Shinobi?

The Shinobi was a Samurai / Bushi, meaning that belonged to the warrior class, who was specially trained in Shinobijutsu and this was his function. Therefore, the Shinobi was neither Samurai antagonist or enemy. The idea of this rivalry and the Shinobi-Farmer against the Samurai stealing their land comes from the movies, manga and other.

Does the Ninjato existed?

As KAWAKAMI Soke says, would be absurd to have a weapon that you identify as Shinobi, because when the enemy see it, you would be immediately arrested or executed. For certain missions, it was advisable to carry a short sword, which was a Kodachi not Ninjato. This is another of the creations of manga, movies ... not existed.

Does the Shinobi uniform existed?

The Shinobi's clothes were typical of his time, had no uniformity with which they appear in movies and manga. Among the most common colors of the day were dark brown, indigo blue and black.

Of course the Shinobi would suit the area were to do his mission.

Does the Shinobi had a combat system itself?

The Shinobijutsu is not a martial art as we understand in the West. The Shinobi trained and studied military strategy, techniques for gathering information, sabotage, poisons, psychology ... etc.. and among these was the Bujutsu (arts / techniques of war). The Shinobi learned Bujutsu of the family / clan, but there was no system of empty hands or armed combat differently to be Shinobi, one must remember that they belonged to the warrior class and their speciality was shinobijutsu.

That said, it is clear that there was no system of Shinobi Kenjutsu with invested grips or the like.

It should also be clear that the ATEMIGOROSHI is the name given to the methods of scrimmage within our school Takenouchi Ryu, only in this school. Not used in other our schools, or generically to describe methods of scrimmage, much less is a combat system of the Shinobi.

Our School

- The only officers Dojo are in Japan and Valencia (Spain), as specified the Masters in the Japanese web of the School. No other delegations, trainers, or students of the School, or the Soke or the Shihan Kiyomoto KAWAKAMI outside BANKE SHINOBI NO DEN KENSYUJYO - KOKA BANTO. If in doubt consult us.

- Our school we train and study together Bujutsu and Shinobijutsu of BAN family of Koka, which Jinichi KAWAKAMI sensei is the Soke and Yasushi KIYOMOYO sensei the Shihan .

- Our way of learning and teaching is traditional, from teacher to student, and is performed as originally made.

- Our system of degrees is the traditional Menkyo, not degrees DAN or use colored belts as they are modern creation.

- To attend our open seminars only requirements are education, respect and seriousness. Both in Spain and Japan can attend these seminars as a visitor through a request.

- To be admitted student and member of the school, besides the above, traditionally a personal interview is required prior to the start of teaching.